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Ball Valves
Ball Valves are designed and manufactured as per the latest
international standards considering maximum safety,
performance and long life.
In order to insert the ball into the body, three different types of
assembly exist. Not only does the type affect the ease of
assembly, but it also influences the maintainability of the
Single piece valves -
The ball is enclosed in the body by an insert fitted along the valve's axis. This eliminates the possibility of body joint leakage and any chance of disconnection whilst in service, but when maintenance is required, the whole valve has to be removed from the pipeline.
Two and three piece valves -
The body of the valve is split in one or two places in the same plane as the valve flange, and these pieces are bolted together. This has the advantage of simplified, in-line maintenance.
Top entry valves -
The ball is inserted through a bonnet in the top of the valve. This facilitates in-line maintenance.
Water Ball Valves
For hot and cold water services, central heating systems, steam, oil, compressed air and many other