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Textile Gears
Maximum Diameter: 300 mm
Spiral Bevel Gear
Range :Upto 30 module
Maximum Diameter :1600 mm
Spiral Bevel Gear
Range :Upto 16 module
Maximum Diameter : 850 mm

Timer Pulley
Range - Pitch : 5, 8, 10 in mm
                          : XL, L, H in inch
Flat Pulley
Maximum Diameter: 600 mm
Maximum Diameter : 750 mm

Philipson Roller Gear Box
Ball bearing type. Suitable for all make of carding

Doffer Drive Gear Box
Suitable for LR CI/2, LR CI/2A, LR C1/3
(1:1 Replacement), Textool-TC360 Card
Doffer Drive Gear Box
Suitable for Trutzschler DK 740 Card

Flat Drive Conversion Kit
Suitable for CROS-ROL Card - MK4 & MK5

Planetary Coiler
Suitable for High Speed cards more silver content reduces the Can
changes Planetary
Gear System - Better performance
Textile Gears and Gear Assemblies

• All types of Spur Gears /Helical Gears /Worm & Worm Wheel / Rack& Pinion, Internal / external Ratchet,
.          Sprocket and Timing Belt Pulleys.
• Straight and Spiral Bevel Gears
• Conversion of Head Stock Gearing end for all types of Ring Frames
• Ball bearing conversion of lifting lever bracket for all types of Ring Frames
• Pocker Rod and Tube with top flange suitable for all types of Ring Frames
• Philipson Roller Speed Reduction Gear Unit for Carding Machine
• Coiler Calender Roller Assembly for Carding machine
• All types of Cams
• Traverse Motion Unit for all types of Ring Frames
• Differential Gear Unit for Comber
• Tin Roller Pulley Conversion for all types of Ring Frames

Spur / Helical Gears
Range : 0.3 module to 30 module
Internal Gears
Range : Max CD 1800 mm

Worm / Worm Wheel
Maximum Diameter : 3200 mm Wheel OD
Range - Pitch : 3/16" to 2 1/2" in inch : 4 to 35 in mm

Gear Drive To Chain Drive Conversion
Suitable for LR Carding CI/2, LR Carding CI/3

Table Calender Roller Unit
Suitable for LR C1/2, LR C1/3

Gear Drive to Timer Pulley Conversion
Suitable for LR Draw Frame DO/2S

Differential Gearing Unit
Suitable for LE 7/4, LE 7/5, LK 250,
Rieter - E7/5A, E60, E60 H, E62
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